Metal Cutting Radial Shear

The Harris Precision Radial Shear cuts metal sheet stock up to 14 gauge with ease. Cut circles from 3 inches to 12 feet in diamater quickly and easily

No patterns are needed, make tapers, cones, collars, bevel edges, end caps, valves, heat exchangers, towers, and all types of piping. It can also do precision straight cuts with ease. Plus everything it does with metal it can do with PVC

Set up time is quick. Easy to read scale is built into the machine surface for fast measuring and reference points.

Completely portable, can be taken on the job site with no trouble or set up permanently for in shop operation.

Operates on 110V grounded plug-in electric.


Self Contained, Lightweight, and Quick Set-up

Cutting Capacity:
1 & 2 Piece End Caps
Tapers & Reducers
Stationary and Removable Tank Heads
Segmented Tapers & End Caps
Cones and Collars

Built in 20 Foot Retractable Extension Cord
Built in Circumference Ruler or Scale


Weight: 55 Lbs.
Height: 9-1/2 Inches
Width: 13 Inches
Length: 28 Inches

Cutting Thicknesses:

Aluminum: 14 Gauge
Stainless Steel: 18 Gauge
P.V.C.: 14 Gauge

Cuts Circles: 3 Inches Dia. to 12 Feet Dia.
Power Requirements: 120 VAC 60 HZ 3.2 Amps

Available Option:

Fence and Fitting Cutting Option which lets you make the following:
Valves & Tees
Segmented Flange Covers
Straight Fencing Procedures
"a total system of performance"